The Building Blocks of Your Career – FREE webinar

cvBoffin team is delighted to announce completion of our first very successful webinar “The Building Blocks of Your Career”. Last week we delivered this webinar that targeted at all those interested in improving their core knowledge of job application principles and techniques. It was based on academic research and practical examples.

It has become evident that in order to provide truly people-centred services that promote career growth, we need to bridge the gaps not only within the recruitment industry, but also between the employer and potential employee. These aspirations necessitate the overcoming of many boundaries, most notably between different professions, different organisations but also between different languages and cultures.

Our experiences across Europe and around the world have demonstrated that it is not enough to tackle only one of these barriers, but that sustainable solutions need a multi-faceted approach which changes the processes and structures of service delivery.

cvBoffin webinar gave a comprehensive overview of the different building blocks. Live presentation was mixed with burning question from participants in a relaxed and safe environment. Background materials and recommended reading lists were sent via email to all of our subscribers.

We hope that all of our participants enjoyed it! Let us know your feedback and stay tuned – more is coming!

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Chris M.

Chris M.

I am from the UK with Master degree in Business and HR. I am active recruitment consultant in Finance and Banking job markets. I am experienced resume writer specialising in writing resumes, job application forms, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for clients from all backgrounds.